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You have the power to make an impact on your work within the organization, but also on your surroundings, your city and society.

Mobility affects everyone, because road obstructions are a public expense. The environmental and socioeconomic impact is huge, whatever the means of transportation: by car, public transit, cycling, taxi or on foot. Smooth operations on the work site and during special events are beneficial to all.


Managing Traffic Obstructions – More than 1,200 data points on the obstructions

​“Every year, Québec City carries out hundreds of jobs on its road network. In addition to a very large-scale asphalt-laying operation, we do other work such as rebuilding and refurbishing lower layers of the roadway, curbs, sidewalks, lighting, cycling paths and underground infrastructure (sewer and water lines).”

Coordinating the Turcot, Champlain and Bonaventure Construction Sites

​This project focused on the coordination of obstructions from several projects in the sector affected by work on the Turcot interchange, the new bridge on the St. Lawrence, the Bonaventure highway and projects carried out by Jacques-Cartier and Champlain Bridges Inc. and the City of Montréal (Verdun, Ville-Marie and Sud-Ouest boroughs). The sector is bordered by the Saint-Pierre interchange to the west, the Jacques-Cartier bridge to the east, Sherbrooke street to the north and Taschereau Boulevard to the south. Data sources were created by an external firm. The public and private organizations involved in the work received several training sessions.

Module opamonox  pour la prévention et la gestion sur les chantiers de bâtiments et d’infrastructures requérant du dynamitage. ...

Gestion Monox – OPA-Monox Module

The OPA-Monox Module facilitates prevention and management on building and infrastructure sites that require blasting. OPA Technologies and Gestion Monox take safety to heart and are committed to optimizing work flow and collaboration.


Every year in Québec, hundreds of thousands of work sites rely on blasting. This requires prevention measures be implemented over a 100-metre perimeter as per BNQ Standard 1809-350/2012 from the Guide de pratiques préventives. In a densely populated area, this perimeter can affect homes and workplaces, and put lives at risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.

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Assessed by our partners

Grâce à une équipe de concepteurs en maintien de la circulation et en gestion des entraves, composée de trois techniciens et de deux ingénieurs, ...

AXOR Experts-Conseils – Case Studies

A team of designers specialized in traffic maintenance and obstruction management (made up of three technicians and two engineers) evaluated OPA software in a variety of short-term construction work programs projected by the City of Montréal (obstructions lasting less than 24 hours: planing-resurfacing work on several roads simultaneously), long-term work (obstructions lasting more than 24 hours: complete construction of various roads) and maintenance work (obstructions lasting approximately 72 hours: obstructions on different sidewalks and roads to rebuild sidewalks or add curbs).


The case study showed the advantage of using OPA software to coordinate traffic obstructions and to optimize decision-making when planning traffic obstructions.

AMT – Case Study – Public Transit

Traffic obstructions affect public transit services, especially bus services. For this case study transit network data from the City of Montréal and from Québec City was integrated into OPA software. 


The study consisted of coordinating various transit routes with traffic obstructions so as to plan detours and move bus stops, facilitating traffic flow.


OPA software lets you centralize traffic obstruction data from various decision makers by email or by phone (drivers, operation managers, outside parties, etc.) or that is extracted from data systems.

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