A road obstruction is anything that blocks traffic. It can be a construction site, a special event or a crisis that affects public safety. The obstruction may be planned by the City or by an external organization and can affect road network mobility.

Multiple construction sites, the number of participants and infrastructure density are the leading mobility issues. In this context, coordinating traffic obstructions is a major undertaking, only compounded by working in a dense urban area. The excessive traffic that results has major consequences and can become a real problem for government agencies.

Big or small, all towns are affected by road obstructions. Coordination, real-time monitoring and communication remain the key related issues. The active participants also vary from one city to another, depending on its size. OPA software is the answer to all these elements, because it directly contributes to smart city and smart mobility initiatives.

Construction, refurbishment and frequent urban infrastructure maintenance can cause long-term obstructions. Maintenance work takes less time and is often managed by municipal teams. 


Here are some examples of road network obstructions.

  • Infrastructure construction and renovation

  • Infrastructure maintenance

  • Boil water advisory

  • Burst water main

  • Gas leak

  • Public works operations

  • Marathon

  • Cycling

  • Festival

  • Film shoot

Plan regular and linear, static and mobile, short- or long-term obstructions
  • Capture geospatial data on obstructions and traffic detours

  • Import GIS obstruction data

  • Manual and automatic update in real-time 

  • Track investment programs (TIP: Three-year investment programs)

  • Manage assets

  • Opportunities to collaborate with various organizations

  • Detect different kinds of conflicts 

  • Apply advanced custom filters

  • Coordinate and integrate all types of projects within the territory

  • Connect users through the platform

  • Create and mail reports by email and fax

  • Email and text message alert system

  • Share information in data and map format between an organization’s various internal and external systems using API


If your city uses an interactive map or has an application to inform citizens, OPA will help centralize and share the right information in real time or at precise intervals via your platforms, such as your website and social networks, and make them publicly available through APIs.



Nous savons que les chantiers de construction, les cônes oranges barrant l'accès ou la visibilité de votre commerce ont un impact significatif sur la fréquentation et sur votre chiffre d'affaires.

Chez Technologies OPA, nous avons décidé de prendre part à la solution et de mettre notre expertise en pratique.


Ce nouvel outil extrait du logiciel OPA vous permet de manière efficace et conviviale d'informer via les réseaux sociaux votre clientèle que votre commerce est ouvert et surtout comment s'y rendre pendant les travaux. 

Exemple vidéos des commerces
Exemple vidéos des commerces