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Simplify your traffic obstruction management

Manage mobility in real time with a new concept in dynamic geospatial management by OPA

OPA Technologies is reinventing the geospatial ecosystem with a new, revolutionary approach: OPA MODULES. Each OPA module addresses one road mobility management issue.


Each OPA module is a solution to a need that helps optimize your decision-making, communication and project implementation.


Its user-friendly, intuitive and efficient features provide a unique user experience.

Discover the OPA modules.

Modules OPA

Contact us and to learn more about OPA.

signage & Road safety
Optimize your bids and teams operations
Radio & News
Real time information. Get the geospatial platform.
Events & Festivals
Simplify the  road mobility management around your event. 



OPA empowers the user for a unique experience.

Our promess is a user interface that offers a user friendly experience and inuitive fo an unlimited number of users and projects.
Why OPA?

OPA allows your team a better flexibility and better cost control.


The OPA experience is a key component that allows the ecosystem in an organization to technologically transform itself with less risk, shorter lead times, and faster team adherence to change.


The challenges of the user at the heart of our solutions. OPA transforms the processing of geospatial data to equip users according to their stakes and their needs.


A safe, innovative and powerful software architecture.


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