Introducing our first safety module: The OPAMONOX Module.

In the spirit of integrity and transparency, OPA Technologies is proud to announce their new partnership with Gestion Monox, a specialist in prevention for excavation sites that use blasting. By developing the Opamonox Module, OPA contributes to the safety of workers and residents during blasting work.


Every year, hundreds of thousands of building and infrastructure construction sites require blasting, which requires the use of preventative safety measures over a 100-metre perimeter, as per standard BNQ 1809-350/2012 in the Guide de pratiques préventives. In a densely urban area, this safety perimeter may involve the risk of carbon monoxide exposure for people working or living nearby. Carbon monoxide fumes can last up to 14 days after the blasting is complete.

Thanks to its user-friendly and intuitive features, the Opamonox Module simplifies the work of preventionists, contractors, agents, fire safety services and active participants. With its secured access by profile, the Opamonox Module plays a key communication and collaboration role.


  • Preventionists and contractors: Through the Opamonox Module, you can extract the list of addresses affected by the blasting, optimize submissions, coordinate field work and communicate with fire services and stakeholders.​

  • Permit managers: Validate permits, plan preventative measures and send information to the fire department.​​

  • Fire department: Get real-time access to blasting information (location, types, managers, etc.) through the Opamonox Module.​​

  • Individuals responsible for issuing work permits: With the Opamonox Module, you can validate procedures, inform City fire services, maintain traceability and complete the accountability report.



The Opamonox Module helps pass on knowledge of best practices with the through its Standards and Procedures pages. Users can receive a certificate in prevention on excavation and blast sites from Gestion Monox. Training is mainly offered to fire departments, civil engineers, technical agents, site supervisors and construction contractors.

The Opamonox Module simplifies the work of everyone in the construction-sector.

Here are the main Opamonox Module features:

  • Ad-hoc multi-geolocalization

  • Registration data extraction for the assigned perimeter surrounding the blast site and building inspection

  • Calculation of the number of addresses affected according to side of the street, the intervention, residence type, presence of offices, etc. 

  • Communication platform for the fire department, communications directors, prevention companies and contractor

  • Tracking work and type of blasting in the area

  • Generates reports

  • Creates memos to residents

  • Access to standards

  • Procedures Page to help with knowledge transfer

Police and emergency services


Traffic obstructions can also affect the work of police and emergency services. when there is an emergency, they need to know where obstructions are so they can get to their destination as quickly and efficiently as possible. That is why OPA gives police services real time information on traffic obstructions.

Do you work in safety and haven’t switched to digital yet?