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There are many modes of transportation: car, carpooling, cycling, bus, metro, taxi, etc. The user chooses which mode to use depending on where they need to go.

Traffic obstruction is the main source of road traffic, which impacts the transportation of people and goods every day. Operators, drivers and users can’t escape it!

Our team decided to play a key role in addressing the situation by creating OPA.

OPA helps transport companies by giving them access to our data and permission to share the data with their internal and external systems and interfaces.


With OPA you can optimize your decision-making, improve the efficiency and punctuality of your service, and study and manage the impact of network expansion or optimization projects.

For managers and operators : 

The challenge: To plan detours and manage operations while respecting labour standards and unions


With OPA, changes to routes and stops are planned in advance. Routes are coordinated and the information sent to service operators and users via various systems.

OPA software gives users all the flexibility they need to deal with emergencies in real time.

For public transit users :

The challenge: To communicate the information so users can plan their trips


More and more, transport companies want to give users service information and advise them of temporary changes, like stop and route changes, ahead of time and as they happen. 

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